How It Works

Temp Share (TS) has 2 important tasks:

  1. Sending big files to clients, friends or colleagues
  2. Hosting files for easy access anywhere, anytime

Anyone can send files without registration but files have expiration time up to 3 months (1 day - 3 months). Instead registered users have 30GB free space without time expiration. Registered and unregistered users may upload and send files directly from home page:

Maximum number of files to upload and send at the same time is limited to 50 and up to 2GB in total. You can drag and drop files directly from your computer to drop-area form or you can click the drop-area to browse for files. Files on drop-area have on the right a remove box (Red button). You can remove unwanted files without starting upload. Duplicated files cannot uploaded at the same time and will removed automatically.

Below the drop-area are 2 icons, options (Left) and upload button (Right). When you click the options button below will appear a set of inputs. to customize your upload and sending.


As we mentioned before, you can send uploaded files up to 20 receivers at the same time and here you can insert (Optional) the receivers emails (comma, space or newline separately). Example:,


Also in email you may include up to 500 characters message and it will appear at the bottom of receivers email. Example:

Hi Lisa,
Please download the files and send me a feedback.

Your email

We strongly suggest you to insert your email for 3 reasons:

  1. For serious communication with your receivers
  2. To receive email when upload complete
  3. To have notification when receivers start downloading your files If you have checked the box "Notify me when receiver open this file(s)". For registered users this input has default value the email associated with registered account.


Tags describe the content of your files in maximum 5 words. This is optional. Example:

wedding photos personal havana cuba

Tags have real meaning only if you are uploading files as a registered user or if you set file status to public. As a registered users you may search for files not only by name and type but also by tags. Public files also are searchable by everyone using name or tags.


To increase security for very important files we suggest to use password. Even public files can't be downloaded or deleted without file-password. This is useful in some scenarios, examples:

Software company publish new update for specific product and notify users through email with this message:

Below you will find the link of new software update. Password will be sent on next email.

Thank You for Your business,
Software Company

File Status

Files uploaded on TS have 3 active status: hidden, public and private.

  1. Hidden
    The default files status is hidden. This mean that your files are not public or searchable but anyone with download link can download your files if they are not password-protected. Example if you share your file links (download link) on social media or send files link through email.
  2. Public
    Public status is the lowest security protection for your files. Files are public listed and searchable. Anyway the file-password works for all file status and without password is impossible to download.
  3. Private
    This status has meaning only for registered users. These files are accessible (download, delete) only by uploader, user owner. We suggest to use this status for important or personal files.

Expiration Time

For registered users files are stored forever and without expiration time but unregistered users have to choose from 1 day to 3 month the time of expiration, depending on their needs. After this time the files will automatically delete without any notification.

Download notification

When you click the box "Notify me when receiver open this file(s)" a email with notify you at the moment when specific receiver start downloading specific file.

Logout on upload complete

If you need to move from your computer and don't have time wait until upload complete you may check the box "Logout when the upload completes." and when the upload complete you will be logged out. This is an small security feature and is important on some scenarios.

When you are ready to upload your files click the button upload. After this time you cannot add more files to drop-area. Each listed file will change the background color from left to right in proportion of upload percentage. You must wait until all files become green and all file link appears dynamically below the buttons options and upload. These file links are clickable and open an new tab on browser when clicked.

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