How it works

With temp share 3.0 you can send and receive files (up to 10GB per upload) very easily using your browser. Also, you can email (using our email servers) files to clients, friends or colleagues with download notification (optional).

New feature on Temp share 3.0 are SPACES, a controlled environment for your transfers. Read more about TEMP SHARE features.

Basically, SPACE is a custom url (subdomain) with your own background image (that's fade out after 5 seconds). With SPACES you can receive files from other people by giving them SPACE url and the "upload password". Sender doesn't have access on your files using "upload password". Additional to "upload password" are "download password" and "edit password".

Upload space is unlimited in size but files will expire in up to 2 weeks from uploading date. There is not a premium account for now.

Upload and send file(s)

You can send files via email only from home page not from a SPACE.

Using drag and drop or clicking the icon "Add files" you can prepare a list of files up to 10GB to send.

Temp Share add files

On the receivers email insert up to 20 email (space separated). You will be notified if one of them download any file (If download notification is checked).

A message (up to 500 characters) will included on notification email to the receivers. This is a good way to describe the reason of this transfer/upload.

Temp Share prepare message

Download notification can be disabled if you uncheck the box "Notify for download". This option is not available on SPACES because the SPACE owner can change this setting as appropriate.

By default, all files will be compressed in one file before sending the email to receivers of listing on SPACE file manager. Obviously, if you uncheck this option then each file will have his own download link.

Before uploading, you can set file expiration time to 3 days, 1 week (default) or 2 weeks. After this period the files will automatically be deleted without further notification.

To increase security for very important files we suggest to use password. This option is not available for SPACES because they have their own password protection.

Temp Share configure transfer

SPACES also have an extra option called "logout after upload". If you click that option then you will be logged out automatically from SPACE after upload process is over.

Click the upload icon to start the transfer and wait until the upload is complete.

Temp Share uploading completed

After this process the sender and recipients will receive an email within one minute. The sender will receive also a deletion URL if he wants to remove the files from TEMP SHARE.

Temp Share successfully uploaded

You can use "Share URL" to insert the download link on your website or social media.

Temp Share recipients message

Every recipient can download your files by clicking the download button. For password protected transfers he has to insert it in the download form. This is very intuitive process.