Fast Uploads & Downloads, no limits for unregistered users
Temp Share has no upload or download speed limit. This is equal for registered or unregistered users.

Upload big files up to 2GB
Anyone can upload big files up to 2GB each or up to 50 files in same time, 2GB in total.

Search for uploaded files if they are public
If you let your files share status to public, these files will be public listed for searching by anyone. This is a good way to share non-personal files with all.

All instant downloads - No Waiting
Temp Share has no time waiting on download page, files are ready for download instantly.

SSL connection
To keep your password, files and all your activities safe we encrypt your connection. This is important because your information is crossing a long route from your device to our servers.

Send links to family, friends and colleagues (up to 50 Files at same time)
With Temp Share is easy to send up to 50 files at the same time to family, friends or colleagues. You need just they emails. You can send these files up to 20 recipients at the same time.

File Download confirmation
To ensure the successful download Temp Share has an option called download confirmation. With this option enabled you will receive an email when recipients start downloading your files. 

Multiple servers for load balancing
Temp Share is a complex environment and have to handle a very huge traffic all the time. To ensure a good user experience, upload and download speed we have in our system many servers to load the daily traffic.

No registration needed to upload files
You don't need to register to upload or send a file to someone.

Logout when upload complete option
When you don't have time to wait until upload is finished you may select "logout when the upload completes" option and at the end you will be logged out. This is a simple security option if your files are sensitive. This option is only for registered users because for unregistered users has no substantial meaning.

Password Protected files
Password protected files are a good way to share files with a selected group of peoples. You can publish the public download and later you may send the password to selected group of people. Example: After they pay the software you want to share.

Free 30GB storage, no file expiration time (and counting..)
Temp Share offer 30GB free storage for registered users. Files uploaded by registered users have no expiration date.

Multiple file upload and drag & drop
Drag and drop is now a intuitive and necessary to move files from your deice to web browser.

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