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Since 2011

Upload huge files, up to 10GB

Available up to 2 weeks

Email files up to 20 receivers at same time

Never been so easy


As the name suggest itself, TEMP SHARE, is a dedicated web application to send, receive and store files for a limited time. The uploader can choose expiration time from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Anyone can send files up to 20 recipients at same time and (optionally) with download notification. A message can be sent together with the files to explain or describe the content of the transfer. Also, it is possible to set a download-password if your files are personal or very important.

For now, upload size is limited to 10GB but you can upload as many times you want just agree with our terms of use. Optionally, multiple files automatically will be compressed into a zip file (on the server side) for easy download.

Read more about temp share features and how it works.